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Welcome to the channel! Here it's gaming as it's supposed to be, without all the fancy stuff. Let's chill, chat and play some games!🎮😁

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#More Info I'm an unexceptional gamer with too much spare time. I mostly play **Rocket League** (currently in Champ), but a few other games from time to time (see below). Chatting and playing games is where it's at 😁 so get involved! # FAQ ###How old are you?? 31 ###How tall are you? 6 feet ###What do you like doing in your spare time? Binge watching TV shows, eating junk, and occasionally getting some fresh air. ###Can we talk in voice chat? If you're a regular and want to play in voice chat, just join the [discord]( and send me a message in stream to let me know. I now stream Rocket League 🚗⚽️ at least 3 times per week; Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Super Sunday's with viewers tournaments! (Sometimes more at random). ALSO PLAYING - GeoGuessr - Fall Guys - Among Us - & More.. ##Check out the Schedule for details
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