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My name is Nate and I am here to obsess about Pokémon and be Bad at video games.


# Goal: Beat The Champion! ## Rules: 1. You may only catch the first Pokemon encountered in each route or area. 2. You must nickname every Pokemon. 3. If a Pokemon faints in battle it must be released or permanently boxed. 4. If you run out of usable Pokemon in both party and PC, you must restart from the beginning.

Who Am I?

Hello! I am GymleaderNate, and welcome to my stream. I am new to twitch as a streamer and I love playing Pokemon! I play other games as well just much less frequently. I am also a big Magic: The Gathering player but I mainly play Limited and EDH... **FAQs** Name: Nate! Age: 26 Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them Living in: California First Video Game: Pokemon (first card game too)
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