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Welcome into the Mist! My name is GypsyRae, your guide and storyteller. Let this Cheshire show you a world of fantasy and mystery, but be careful wandering too far into the mist can lead to dangers untold. This channel is all about sharing our passions and lives with each other.

Game in Progress

Stacklands Grounded


+ Please no links, if you want to link me something please either run it by a mod or whisper it to me. + Be a nice person, chat can be busy at times and can get sassy, but I value being nice very high. + Please avoid talking about Politics on the channel. People have many different views and it can cause tensions to be very high.


Tuesday - 7 pm EST Thursday - 7 pm EST Saturday - 1 pm EST Any changes to the schedule are posted in the Discord or stated on stream if I know in advance that there needs to be a change.

Completed Games!

A Little to the Left Escape Academy Pan'orama V Rising The Room The Room Two The Room Three The Room 4: Old Sins Lies of P

Awesome People!!!!

+ [Frankthedestro]( Stream Buddy and Mod + [Thedukeofspades]( Mod + [Duckyeis]( Mod and streamer