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Hi, I play a variety of games, mostly roguelikes/lites. Come say hi!

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Hades FAQ

Favorite Weapon/Aspect? Bow, probably aspect of Hera. Favorite God? Don't have one. How many hours have you played? 2800+ What controller do you use? Xbox One but I'm not picky. Do you rebind any buttons? Just Reload, set that to Left Trigger and Summon to R3. What about keyboard and mouse? It's fine. Can I suggest a build? No thank you, we've done them all I promise. How do you have infinite Death Defiances? I'm probably using Stubborn Defiance on the Mirror. What's the max heat and have you done it? 64 and no I have not. You can Google some videos of it to find others who have. What's your fastest time? Check the command !pb to get updated info. Tips for new players? Check out my Overexplain videos on YouTube to get in depth tips. Where are you from? How old are you? What's your favorite everything? Hang out for a bit and you'll learn plenty about me naturally.
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Hi, I play roguelites/likes mostly and used to play Hades a lot. Some times I do speedruns, for the current WR rankings, visit []( I also have a [YouTube channel]( with some videos. Join our [discord]( to stay in touch offline as well! Twitter: @haelian2 TikTok: @haelianplays Business inquiries: