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Hi there, I'm Haiita, your local Owl Vtuber and Bartender!

About Me

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Welcome to my very own bar, the Humble Abode! I'm Haiita, your host for tonight and the lead bartender, hang around while we chat and drink; make yourself right at home~


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Click above to follow me on Twitter and keep up with TikTok, memes and my daily life~


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Any and all donations are greatly appreciated, and will go towards helping me pay for food and rent along with upkeeping the bar! >Click [here]( or on the image above to be taken to the donation page >>Note: All donations are non refundable, so make sure you really want to donate before you do.


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Be calm, have fun and get along! Any undesirables will be handled by yours truly~

If you're feeling generous~

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