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Hello, greetings! I am Hamchibun, aka Hamchi who's looking for my owner. I still haven't found them but I hope during our journey, we will be able to! Join me and make memories!

💟 credits 💟

Chibi Model & PFP: [akiratoseven]( Starting / Waiting screen: [pepperimi]( Emotes: [lanseu](

🐹 about me 🐹

Hi, I'm Hamchibun, you can call me Hamchi. I play games with my friends and i'm usually not good but I like having fun!! Also, I like coffee a lot !!

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🚩 rules 🚩

1. Please be nice to everyone! To me, my friends, and to chat. 2. Do not be disrespectful. 3. Strictly no harassment, discrimination or racist remarks! 4. Keep the chat in English (EN) and/or Tagalog / Filipino (TAG/FIL). I can understand a bit of Korean (KR) but keep it to minimal. 5. Have fun !!!

🔔 schedule 🔔

There is no definite schedule. Weekdays: Almost night stream. Weekends: Afternoon or night stream.

❣️ support ❣️

This is non-refundable, but remember that donate only if you can and this is not mandatory hehe thank you!! All tips / donations will be dedicated to making my stream better (PC setup upgrade) [tip](