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Last live last year

Hamsamurai streams Art.

Be Excellent to each other!

☼ Everyone is welcome to come hang out, participate in chat and share opinions regardless of what you believe, who you are, who you love, and where you live. The only condition is that you be respectful of others. I will be respectful to you and I ask you to do the same. I want constructive conversation that builds people up here, any disrespectful attitudes will NOT be tolerated. ☼ DO NOT post links or self promote. The only exception is from the caster. This saves me having to check the links aren't anything not allowed. ☼ DO NOT be rude, vulgar, racist, bully, hateful, sexist or anything of the sort in chat. ☼ DO NOT argue with the mods, including the bots (Nightbot and others) as they know the channels rules, or are set up by US. They are doing what we have asked of them. If you find a mod to have unfairly done something, send us a message on twitch, do not argue with them in the chat. This is a quick way to get BANNED. ☼ Please don't ask to be a mod or contest mod status of others in the chat. All mods are personally invited to be so by me. If you'd like to be a mod, come hang out, be respectful, and be helpful and encouraging. Those are the people who are invited to be mods. :) ☼ if I don't see things maybe just ask if I missed it. I suck at chat