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happygsbnb1243 streams osu! and League of Legends.


Donations are by no means at all necessary, like at all. BUT, if you are enjoying the stream and want to help fund future giveaways then feel free to donate to me using this link https://streamlabs.com/happygsbnb1243

Who am I?

Hello there, My name is George, but most people refer to me as Happy. I am brand new to streaming but I love to play and chat with others with the same interests! I am a PC gamer who enjoys playing a plethora of games, but mainly League Of Legends. I have many hobbies and interests such as sports, music and gaming (obviously) so I'm sure that you will enjoy your time here!!

Games that I am playing currently.

My stream account: vZ Happy Games: - All Call of Dutys - Counter Strike Go (highest rank was MG1) - NBA 2k17 - Rise of the Tomb Raider - Burnout Paradise - Dirt 3 plus 171 other games! I have played Fortnite and might get back into it! I have Destiny 2 I have dabbled in OverWatch RIP Club Penguin God Of War on PS4 Tekken 7 on PS4 I also use Sony Vegas 15 and adobe after effects to eddit and play round with.