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#**welcome to the refrigerator!** >hello! i'm jaena/milks & i speedrun nostalgia games + play random inde games >i'm the cooking mama 20 recipes WR holder, and i'm a top 10 thin ice 100% speedrunner !! >i also painted that [clint stevens mural]( >kind of a mess but i appreciate you being here :D #**milestones:** >**first stream:** 10/5/2021 >**100 followers:** 10/12/2021 >**affiliated:** 10/27/2021 >**first sm64 run:** 11/23/2021
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#**art credit:** >**[♡ peach emotes by gumii ♡ ](** >**[♡ overlays+panels by dvivnv ♡ ](**
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٩(。•́‿•̀。)۶ **[click here for my donation page!](** >donations are incredibly appreciated but never expected or required! i only stream for fun :> >please only donate if you are able to, thank you so much!!