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Caster/commentator for Blood Bowl 2 (REBBL) and F1 2020 (FRS) - considerably better at talking than I am at playing!

What's all this then?

Welcome to the channel! I'm Harringzord, yes it is a silly name, and Zord for short works fine. I'm 31, from the North East of England and apparently I'm a pretty decent Blood Bowl caster. Recently I've been expanding into other games as well. Enjoy the show!


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I'm branching out! I now talk about virtual fast cars for the Formula Reddit Series on F1 2020. Tune in every Sunday at 20:00 UTC for my coverage of FRS Division 5, alongside the inimitable Mmcnaughton!


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I am part of the content creation team over at the Reddit Eternal Blood Bowl League. Check us out by clicking on that logo just above! Obvious bias aside, I'd heartily recommend the league to any Blood Bowl player - it's a great community. If you're brand new to Blood Bowl, be sure to check out REBBL's affiliated Rookie League at /r/rebbrl - the league is quite literally designed for you to learn the game!

I have a Discord now

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I caved and made a Discord server as a hub for the various bits of content I produce. Feel free to join if you want to know when the channel will be live, or just hang out and say hello.