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I'm just a gamer With ADHD and Autism. Some Call me Loud & Obnoxious I call it IMMERSED


Here is a link to my Community Discord
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I am HarT an Autistic Gamer with no life:) I stream With no schedule but i try to stream whenever i feel like it. i might start a schedule if that is what you guys want ;) Please Leave Feedback and Criticism it helps! :)


AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Geforce GTX 1060 6gb 16gb DDR4 (Keyboard)Razer Blackwidow x (mouse) Razer Deathadder v2 (Headset) Hyperx Cloud Alpha (mousepad) Razer Goliathus control
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My goal is to have a pleased audience. and to make you guys enjoy my content as much as i can. its not about me its about you!
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Donations via PayPal are OPTIONAL do not feel like you need to donate! I will love you all equally! Right now i am saving up for a Better Microphone for the stream Top Donationists egWyte 50$ DVYVIDD 41$ swedishrez69 20$ jacob1337 10 $ Degniz 5$ oggebogge12345 1$ PuMaxZzZ 1$ Non-Refundable And Extremely Appreciated!

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Varje öre går till snus och förhoppningsvis till en ny Mic ;)
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No Racism No Offensive Behaviour Try not to get overly Political ENGLISH OR SWEDISH ONLY! HAVE FUN!