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Hastur | Celestial Vtuber | Variety Streamer

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Greetings, I am Hastur Solis, but you can just call me Hastur. A Celestial, and VTuber. Welcome to my stream! I am a variety streamer with an affinity for horror games. Your company is greatly appreciated, even if you prefer lurking! Though, don't be shy to say hello, I love seeing new names in chat! Please check out my twitter for stream announcements among other activity! Finally, for business inquiries please reach out to:
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1) Be respectful of others in the chat 2) Do not spam excessively, or spam in full caps 3) Don't bring up unrelated topics or have personal conversations by tagging each other in chat 4) Do not bring up other streamers or streams unless I mention them first 5) Don't raid other channels or discuss me in other channels unless I am mentioned first 6) If you see anyone breaking the rules above, block , report, and ignore those comments. Thanks for reading! Enjoy the stream!