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Connoisseur of Isometric ARPGs. PvP enthusiast. Lover of Horror. My back-log is massive, and my front-log is tiny.

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I play exclusively on PC and have a 'mild' obsession with RPGs, both old-school and new. With that said, you'll likely see me play a bit of everything. Just don't hold your breath for any JRPGs or Battle Royales. Suggestions are always welcome, so here's a list of a few long-time and current favorites of mine to give you an idea of what I enjoy: + **Diablo II** + **Grim Dawn** + **Alan Wake** + **The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind** + **Darkest Dungeon** + **Dark Souls** + **The Witcher** + **The Evil Within** Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay.
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Discord? Why? Here's why: + **Vote on upcoming games** + **Vote on new emotes** + **Movie night** + **Share your memes/music/etc** + **Get notified when I've gone live**
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Please don't donate to me if you can use the money yourself. Life is hard, and I'm not here to make it harder for anyone. If you still want to do this it helps me a lot, but in the end I'm just glad to have you here. Thank you.