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PoE Achievements

[World 1st Level 100 (2013)]( World 1st HC Atziri (2014) [Part 1]( [Part 2]( [Part 3]( World 1st HC Uber Atziri (2014) [Part 1]( [Part2]( [#2 HC Uber Elder (2018)]( [#1 Delve 6000 SC (2018)]( [#2 Exilecon LAN (2019)]( [#2 SSFHC Awakener 8 (2019)]( [#1 PoE Royale Twitch Rivals 1 (2021)]( [#3 PoE Royale Twitch Rivals 2 (2021)]( [[WR] 1:01:02 Level 100 (2022)]( This list is non-inclusive and only includes a small handful of achievements.


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**Situation:** - Twitch plays automatic Pre-Roll & Mid-Roll Ads. **Solution:** - 90s Ads are run via a timer every 30 minutes or manually between Battle Royale rounds to disable automatic Ads. **Viewing Experience:** - Consider **Subscribing** to disable ads while also supporting the stream! - If **Subscribing** is not an option consider using **Free** methods #**[Donate: $2 for TTS. Non-refundable.](** ##[Patreon]( / [Merch]( / [Discord]( **Business Email:** Serious inquiries only. Replies may be delayed during events.


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**SECOND YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR** **VODS / SPEEDRUNS / STUFF** that do not make the main channel
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The Forbidden Trove community Discord is a place that combines the biggest names in the game such as crafters, tool developers, theorycrafters, service providers, content creators into one place that shares everything PoE related whether you're a new player or an experienced veteran.