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Welcome to my n00b nook

Welcome, Friends!

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Welcome to a place where you're appreciated and encouraged to give guidance. Some streamers are masters and some are just beginning. I'm the latter. And much like one just learning to get around, my Kerbals are quite at the mercy of a novice. So join in!

Just so you know

I unfortunately cannot demonstrate the same awesomeness as our fellow twitch...ers? both in accomplishment and duration. I have a little-little who at any point can request my assistance. Commonly referred to as The Queen (Queen Mother wasn't available as a name for myself...alas), it may occur time to time that I must excuse myself. A hazard amongst kerbal voyages - truth be told -, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


The rules are pretty simple: Keep it clean; Keep it respectful. (It's a challenge for me too. Trust me ;) )

Stream Schedule

This is still in development, but for fast updates you can get notifications of the stream on my Twitter [@TwitchyHeart](