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Hi! I study online to keep myself motivated and inspire others to do the same. Studying is hard enough, so let's bring a little joy into it by doing it together. We can chat, plan, set goals and just be study buddies :3I also do some educational stuff about studying and the occasional gaming stream

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This channel was unironically created to help people to study and work. Covid, Lockdowns and the last 2 years in general have made it hard to focus. Most people feel disconnected from what they are doing, isolated, and lonely. I would like to help both myself and you guys to get back on track through studying online. How it works: We set the timer to 25 mins, start to focus on 1 task at a time. After that, we have 5 minutes of break. This is called a Pomodoro Session. It helps with keeping your concentration levels up. We'll typically do 8 of these Sessions, so overall we'll study for 4 hours. After 2 hours and 4 hours I have longer breaks to eat, chat and get coffee. During the breaks we can chat and be silly. It's far more enjoyable to study together, and more interactive than any SWM-video. I would love if you became my study buddy <3


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All times are GMT+2! I try to keep a schedule but you will soon see I am bad at it! :3 Generally I'll try to stream Study With Me Tuesday's and Wednesday's, and add an occasional Gaming/Just Chatting Stream. Check out IG and Discord for announcements! <3


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You deciding to spend time with me means everything and is the most important thing. If you want to support me financially too, know that tips are never expected, but always appreciated. Your donations go right back into my streaming setup (which includes lots of eyeliner). All donations are non-refundable.