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Just having some fun with it, don't take anything too seriously. You can call me Tom, but really anything works, half the people I stream with call me poop anyway

What do I do?

I Pvm. I've pked. I've died on my HCIM at zalcano. I've also been a 2 ticking 3 ticking skiller nerd. I've played the game for 16 years and I've done almost everything there is to do in the game, so I enjoy doing new and stupid things to spice it up a little. I plan to host a few creative events in the future. It'll mostly be PvM content, but occasional PvP and etc. might occur.

OSRS Accomplishments

- Infernal Cape Accomplished January 5th, 2018 - 34th Player to Solo ToB - 14:25 Pre-Thrall Solo CoX - 3rd Fastest Duo CoX - 30 Minute Solo CM - Sub 48 Inferno April 2022 - Sub 5 Minute Corrupt Gauntlet Completion Jan 2021 - Various "Oblv Diary" Speedrun Categories - Completion of all Combat Achievements - Magic only ToB Completion February 2020 - 2007 gear only ToB Completion September 2018 - 6 Jad Completion tourny + maingame - Died on the most chad Hardcore you've ever seen to a mining boss August 2019

If you wish to support me

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Before I even had a donation page, some absolute mad lad donated me a dollar and I didn't even realize at the time. To the absolute mad lads oxycodone_addict, and J_Seitar who fed me chipotle on a poor Saturday afternoon, thank you brothers I truly appreciate it. Also major shout out to big mf Reed who dropped 20 and stayed in stream even though I completely missed it, a man of the people (broke students specifically) <3

Current Goals

Successful Army Skip Inferno Confidential Pk Collab Host High Risk CoX Tournament Sub 30 Solo CM (?) HCIM Redemption Series

Convenient, Chef Designed Meals Delivered!

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