I like to play video games and I am not good at them. But then I get better. And then I realize how good everyone else is and then I feel like I am not good again. But I play them anyway. Dumb everyone else. . . stop being good.Use !commands for a list of sounds. Try it out.

What is a man?!? (But seriously who is this guy?)

I like playing video games; poorly. New ones and old ones. I attempt to play them fast from time to time, but mostly end up playing them slowly or dying a lot. I will probably stream mostly old games. Super Metroid and Castlevania: SotN are my favorite to speedrun but I would like to learn others. I will probably play some games casually too. I also like hiking and climbing and playing soccer. I will probably not stream those. Probably. I am also a geologist, so I guess I like rocks. And dirt.