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Hello! Hi! Thanks for being~ So nice you've found your way over here! I'm Herrbertrands, but everyone calls me Herrb, Herrbs, Herrber or Herrbie, so feel free to do that too!:) 32, they/them, Plant Based Prince, wandering, short, conscious, interested, honest, traveling, extrovert, dreamy, geeky, radiant, questioning, coffee drinking, creative soul, northerner~ Things I like include: ~space ~tea ~design ~Twin Peaks ~coffee ~simulation games ~space games ~mythology ~conspiracies ~autumn ~art; drawing, photography, writing, sculpting, all of it mkay!.. -creativity -mmos (lmao) I play a lot of different games.. you could call it a variety of games, but mostly things like Stardew Valley or games like Final Fantasy 14, Secret World Legends, Bioshock, Graveyard Keeper.. ok I play a very varied bunch of games.. life's too short to not enjoy whatever you want! <3 WELCOME! I do ALSO do art, there might be art streams hehe.. ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )ᕗ come hangout?

blue eyes and green tea~

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Soooo here in Spicy Space we hang out and share laughs and positivity, to feel good!! It's an 18+ place. ~* Don't be a dick, ok. *~ (and no age talk!) ( if you don't know how to not be a dick these are some good guidelines: ) ~ no bigotry, thanks ~ ~ YOU SO SPICE ~

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[wishes]( wishes.. we all got them, I guess?
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I'm a proud member of The Flock community! Click on these social links to check us out: [Discord]( | [More info](