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ライナ_ (heyacazz)

Comic writer, editor, manager, creative producer - and now, your bar/atelier hostess with the most-est. Welcome to Atelier RAINA!


Heya! I'm **Cazz**, the (human) landlady who owns this place. I'm a full-time webtoon editor and creative producer-slash-director-slash-manager姉さん. My (VTuber) mascot is named **RAINA (ライナ)** - that's the RGB girl you see on the streams. You can use either name; we'll answer to both! - **Where have I seen you before?** You may know of our work with [Merryweather Media](, [Manga Materials]( and also [on Webtoon in general](, where we've been [awarded for comic work.]( We've also produced and directed [content]( for [VShojo](, Hololive, Nijisanji and a number of other indie VTubers! - **What's on the menu?** Atelier RAINA serves a variety of stream content including **comic lettering**, **comfy/cursed sim games** and **chatting** streams :> Even though it's a (virtual) bar-(a)telier, food and drink are totally a BYO affair. EN/普通话/MY/(少し)日本語 OK. Please enjoy your stay!


[Tip here!]( The Atelier will never demand for or require donations to keep the lights on - but if you tip voluntarily, I appreciate your support! <3 If you want to stay anon, [Ko-fi is available too](! Thank you in advance :3 #Legal blah By clicking on the "Send Tip" button and completing the transaction, you confirm that you are the rightful owner of the funds being used to tip, and cannot be withdrawn / charged back. **All tips are non-refundable.** When tipping, you are leaving a token of appreciation - you are NOT purchasing a service from the streamer.


Model Art, Emotes: [Carillus]( <3 Model Rig: [Iron Vertex]( Scufftuber Model: [chrone_co]( Tracking: [VTube Studio]( Sub and Cheer Badges: [Hammustar]( Logo + Overlays: [Axel]( Banner Art: [Kimiyoto]( BRB Screen: [景秋]( BGM: "Drink It In" by [Daryl from Utalive]( "Drink It In" Remix, Misc BGM (Stratosphere EP), Alert Sounds: [Oscen (my bro!)]( BGM: "Lemon Mojito" by [HIGHCORE](

Stream Schedule + Info

Approximately 3-4 times a week - check out the [Schedule]( tab to see timings in your own time zone! Atelier RAINA runs on **UTC+8** and is typically open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights.