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Saleen & Chelsea have performed for 9+ years (a feat, at 20 and 22). More than just a catchy name c/o dad’s brainstorming, to them ’EQUAL’ means that no matter your ethnicity, gender, orientation, race or religion, you deserve to be treated equally - and it’s evident in their music.


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No matter your ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion, you deserve to be treated equally- that’s what musical duo EQUAL believe. Saleen and Chelsea, 20 and 22 years old, believe that having a platform means using it to do good - and what a platform it has truly become. With musical stylings evocative of First Aid Kit & Taylor Swift, the duo have caught the eyes of industry greats Kim Cooke, Dave Bash, and Dan Clancy of Revolution Recording Studios, Sum 41, and Lighthouse. Durham’s Best Band (2018) has been described as ‘lyrically sophisticated’, ‘raw and emotional’, featuring ‘excellent harmonies and songwriting’. Growing up with Van Halen, Green Day, and Blink 182 playing around the house (courtesy of their dad), it’s no surprise that social issues was always a priority in this outfit. Looking for music that matters? Perfect. You’ve found it. Meet EQUAL.


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