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i speedrun super mario odyssey at a top level. i’m 1st in 100%, 1st in all moons, and top 10 in every other main leaderboard category (except like 15th in any%)

PB's as of july 8

any%: 59:25 World Peace: 1:13:39 Dark Side: 1:44:14 Darker Side: 3:09:28 All Moons: 7:23:27 (WR) 100%: 8:43:45 (WR)

frequently asked questions

Q. why is the game not in english? A. different languages can cause text in the game to scroll by faster than english, and simplified chinese (third from bottom in the language settings list) is the fastest for mario odyssey. Q. what controller do you use and why? A. i use separated joycons. i find it more comfortable to use than a pro controller as motion controls are easier to use on the two separate joycons for each hand, rather than one big controller. i do not use the joycon grip. Q. what's with the whole reese's puffs thing? A. i used to make reese's puffs rap mashups in 2016/2017, and it made me realize how good reese's puffs were. i just decided to make it my profile picture when making this account. Q. what is WR? A: always at the bottom of the splits at the bottom right, or if i'm doing freerunning it's at the top of the screen. Q. what did your name come from? A. my name "heytherecool" comes from me being an avid youtube commenter in 2016 and i decided i needed a new name so i made my name on there "hey there" and made my profile picture my cat so it was like he was saying "hey there" so that was that, and when i needed to change my name on twitter, "hey_there" was taken so i just added some random word to the end of it and made it "hey_there_cool" and i stuck with it ever since. eventually i also removed the underscores since i thought they looked ugly.