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Artist, gamer, weirdo, musician, collector, heathen.


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Hey, I go by heyzeus or Zeus. I love to collect action figures, video games, movies, cds and masks. I enjoy making art whether it's sculpting, painting, pixel art, mask crafting, music making and perler beads art. So many on twitch honestly inspired me to get back to art because I was mostly gaming so very grateful. I love talking horror, wrestling, star wars and figure collecting.


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Use common sense. No racial, homophobic or sexist slurs. Respect each other. No sensitive subjects unless I bring them up, please.


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I'm gonna stream all of October with various spooky digital art, spooky crafting, maybe pumpkin carving and some horror games including psvr.


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CHAT- !rage, !mosh, !soundcloud, !social !hype . Interactive !wooo, !hug, !cupid AUDIO- !boo, !gg, !gn, !hello, !hype, !lol, !rip, !save, !wooo

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Mine - Vegagroove,Vegazoom, Harleygroove, Harleyzoom, Pheadance, Anubislaugh, Zeuswrath, Aphroditezoom, Nancyhype, Nancytilt, Raidenrage. Others- headBang, lickL, lickR, gachiBASS, BoneZone, 2bSway, HeadBanging, RickPls, ladyDmadge, LadyD, Vega1, Raiden, SynthKool, VampPOG, gothPls.