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Last live yesterday

Hopes have never been Higher! Running Stream Raiders battles most nights starting by 11pm PST

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Insomniac who streams a lot because it's fun. We Play [Stream Raiders]( here! Join us! I go by Hopes. Sometimes, I make attempts at humor. The grey cat is Lily. The black cat is Luna. They are sisters. Big THANK YOU to everyone that comes by to chat, lurk, and hang out. It is much appreciated <3 Special Thanks to: StarBuccaneers DaCrazyBeggar Matthiascse Epivictus TripleShaww Jirohletto GargyBeast Robo9191 Buckwheatcat Aribaba2020
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Be nice and we'll get along fine. Trolling is generally ignored. Liberal politics, no soapboxing/ranting. No Links. Channel Points redemptions can be used to support charity. If you would like to donate directly to our St. Jude's campaign, you can do so [HERE!]( Artist credits: All Highly recommended! [Dinokaoku]( Dinokaoku has done the overall majority of my emotes <3 [Cain269]( [Sakurart2020]( [Roesart]( Rose made most of our kitty emotes as well as the main channel heart <3 [Portablepotato]( Made our hype and smug emotes. [Artbyjohan]( [Maplecatart](