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Welcome to the Tree! My name's HighJynx but you can just call me Jynx. I'm a chill dude who loves FPS games but sometimes finds some random other games to play every now and then. I do have ADHD, I'm trying to improve awareness of ADHD. Hit the follow button if you like :D

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Donations aren't needed, but greatly appreciated. All funds go to improving the stream.

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i7 12700k 64 gb royal trident z 3600mhz ram 500gb m.2 1 tbm.2 2tb m.2 Gigabyte AERO Z690 motherboard Gigabyte Eagle 3090 Evga 1000w GQ PSU Lian LI Mini Air Case 8 AL lian li Fans Brought to you by NO BS BUILDS 27" BENQ Zowie 144hz 1990 pros and SM7B microphone with Scarlet i2 And for the flex and my back support the herman miller