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Mediocre Variety Gaming at its Finest. Inclusive community where the main goal is to enjoy ourselves!! #GBR

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Hi i'm Mike! Just new boot goofin with some friends on Twitch. I stream a variety of things but stick mainly around RPG and Simulation games. I really don't have a schedule yet so follow my twitter to see a heads up tweet before I stream! I'm a huge sports fan, especially the Huskers #GBR!
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- Be excellent to each other! - No Racist, Homophobic, or generally mean comments. - Follow Twitch's TOS. If its illegal don't bring it up. - Backseat gaming is encouraged but NO SPOILERS!
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Follow me on Twitter: @HMSxKING Check out my Artist who has done all of my overlays, profile pictures, and headers on Instagram: noveau_designs_