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I speedrun games. RTA in Japan staff / Japanese Restream staff / software developer IRL

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I don't actually watch anime or read manga but I pretend to be a weeb
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I'm Hoishin, or Kosson in World of Warcraft. I am not Hoisin. I don't work for Hoisin Sauce corporation or whatever it is. I'm from Japan so I'm rather good at Japanese.
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#Final Fantasy - Final Fantasy XII (PS2/JP) Any% [6:33:01]( - Final Fantasy XIII (PC) Any% [5:18:19]( - Final Fantasy XIII (PS3/English) Any% [6:10:36]( - Final Fantasy X-2 (PS2/JP) Any% [3:25:41]( #Dragon Quest - Dragon Quest (SFC) Dragon Loop [1:48:35]( - Dragon Quest V (PS2) Any% [39:02]( - Dragon Quest VIII (PS2/JP) Any% [10:59:23](