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Hello I'm Hoshiko Rito, but you can just call me Rito. I play all sorts of games so who knows what I'll play next.


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(Currently not adhering to) Monday: 5:30pm - 9pmish EST Tuesday: 5:30pm - 9pmish EST Wednesday: Off Thursday: 5:30pm - 9pmish EST Friday5:30pm - whenever Saturday: Off Sunday 12pm - 9pmish EST


English only please Don't spam Don't be rude No self promotion/ advertising Hate speech/racism/doxxing will just result in a permban

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Greetings I'm Hoshiko Rito but please, call me Rito. I am a Cosmic fox deity here to help you relax and vibe. I aspire to create a place where you can come relax and destress. I may be quiet at times but please don't hesitate to chat with me! PNG model done by: @ILYA_N_O_K Live 2D chibi by: @mahoyoma Fox form PNG by: @Philosensei Emotes by @CAOSheep

Computer Specs.

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Windows 11 Processor: i7 - 12700k 3.60 GHz Ram - 32 GB XPG 3200 MHz DDR4 Motherboard: Asus Prime Z690M - Plus D4 GPU: Nvidia 3060ti PSU: Corsair RM850x


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Donations are always appreciated, never required. Donations go towards me upgrading the stream so that way I can keep giving back to you all.