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Zamboni driver, hockey goalie, dice roller, video gamer, Army veteran.


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Hi! My name is Kyle, I've been streaming since January 2018. I stream a variety of games, some of my favorites being Zelda, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, and Red Dead Online! I currently work in Las Vegas as a Zamboni operator for T-Mobile Arena (Vegas Golden Knights). I have been a Zamboni operator since 2016. I am a PAX Enforcer and I have worked five PAX Prime/West events, as well as two Child's Play Charity events, and it has been an incredible experience each time. I am also a US Army veteran, having served 10 years as a 14E PATRIOT Missile Operator (3 years) and a 15T UH-60 Crew Chief/Repairer (7 years). A lot of my time was spent overseas in Iraq (15 months), South Korea (2 years), and Germany (2 years). Logo concept designed by me, graphic art designed by


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1. Don't be a jerk. No racism, hate speech, sexism, etc. No politics or religious conversation. If I feel like you're being a jerk, you're out. No contest there. 2. Positive vibes only! 3. Be respectful of everyone. If you have beef with me, my mods, or VIPs, then save it. Get in touch with me or a mod privately and it will be handled off-stream. 4. No backseat gaming/modding. Let me and my mods run the show. Sometimes, I'll ask for help in a game, but don't spoil it. 5. English only, please! I love my friends from all over the world but sadly, I only speak a tiny amount of Swedish and enough Spanish to fail my college course. So let's do English! 6. Just have fun! You're welcome here until you break the rules, which should be easy to follow. Overall, don't be a jerk and have fun!