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[18+] 2D animator & illustrator. 100% hungry. 99% co-working streams, doing fanart and working on commissions.

Monthly Dono/Commission Goal

Commissions & donations help make my passion a full-time job. Thank you so much for your support! **April Supporters:** -rosechan -Moonphos -ashelxy -SheebzArt -qtToy
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**!coms** *Commissions help make my passion a full-time job. Thank you so much for your support.*
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PLEASE prioritize your own financial needs before even thinking of clicking the link above! Your donations will be used responsibly for either improving the stream, food for my insatiable appetite, or saved for emergencies. Much appreciates for the support and it truly means a great deal to me! **TTS - $1+ donations** **TTS - 100+ bit cheers**
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ArtStuffed is a project i'm working on with [**rainingcherry_**]( to provide our communities with more art! Feel free to support us ^^ [**Patreon**]( [**Merch Store**]( [**Discord Emote Servers**]( **Emotes for you on Discord** [**Twitter**]( [**Youtube**](

Sub Perks

tenku for watching and hanging out with everyone on my streams. subscribing is a good way to support the channel and here are the perks of being a subscriber: - print-ready full resolution fanart downloads (join the [**Discord Server**]( for access) - ad-free viewing - my emotes - mini sheep sub badge beside your name in chat - permission to post links - subscriber discord role (access to fanart downloads)
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