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Ready to watch some trash panda game play? You came to the right place! Let's get weird and take a wild ride to the FLAVOR TOWN of Twitch! (LGBTQIA+ Stream and safe space bb!) Pronouns: She/her

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Hoooyyeeahhhh! I'm Aly aka Hunny aka DADDY aka your personal Demon! (I got a lot of nicknames, you're gonna love it.) I started streaming on October 31st 2020 (spoopy and appropriate LOL) and haven't turned back! We do weird sh*t get ready for a wild ride partner cuz you're about to go to the FLAVOR TOWN of Twitch! So welcome to the HunnyBunnch aka the Hive! Let's make some friends, share some laughs and get weird together! Where my cephalopods at?! Can someone pass me a tentacle? *Random facts about me: ~Halloween is my favorite holiday ~I hate coconut ~I'ma trash gamer UwU ~I'll sing the lyrics to most songs you type in chat LUL (if I know it) Sometimes my one brain cell goes bbbrrrrrr! All banners, Pokemon trainer card art and panels created by : DeiSenpaii (check out her stream!)
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SUB PERKS *~* 5 to 7 emotes depending on tier *~* No ads *~* My undying love and virtual hugs! (>^w^)> <(^w^<) P.S. Your support is always appreciated but not necessary. Please don't feel obligated to donate especially if you are in a tight financial situation. You being a part of my community is enough for me! <(^u^)> *I feel like this goes without saying but just to be sure, all donations are NON-REFUNDABLE. By donating (subs, bits, donations) you are agreeing that the money is your own.
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PLEASE DO NOT be rude, vulgar, racist, sexist, and under no circumstances bully someone else (this will get you reported and banned). Basically don't be a steaming pile of doodoo! - Be nice to each other! <3 + No insults - No foul language with ill or malice intent + Please don't post links or spam without permission - Please don't self promote. This includes but is not limited to links, generally talking about your stream, sharing when you're live etc. **Please note, this is an 18+ stream! Do not discuss your age in the chat. If you are under 18 and a MOD or myself finds out, you will be banned.