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Spreading positivity one stream at a time. Pro Halo player, I love anything competitive! Im also in the band Upon the Water, be sure to check us out and let me know what you think! Your support everyday keeps me going. Socials: @Hunter_jjx

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Your donations are sooooo appreciated, they help me to continue doing what I do and bring more and more content to you, thanks again! Much love


Hey guys! Thanks for checking out the stream! My name is Justin and I've been competing in Halo since the 2007 MLG Pro Circuit. Since then I've had numerous top 16/12 placings and even made it to the 2010 National Championship FFA. You will notice that I love to play a ton of other games as well besides Halo, so I will try to keep the stream as interesting as possible. If you like the content feel free to follow the stream and my twitter @Hunter_jjx. Thanks for stopping by! Justin "HuNteR Jjx" Joseph

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Honor the mods. I love each and every one of them and their goal is to help create a welcoming, positive, interesting, awesomazing environment for you guys to hang out in.