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PC gaming enthusiast who who never keeps a consistent schedule. I love me some cars and guitars and some good home cookin'. They say every 100 years if you're lucky enough you might be able to peep my husky pups

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Hey there! My name is Richard but my pals n' gals call me the short version... I'm a pretty casual gamer with TWO goofy Husky pups who is here to meet other players and be part of a community. I'm known to be a fan of Destiny I guess. I love classic American Muscle cars and badass guitars, and I love to cook!
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This is the best way to interact with the community and I away from stream. Talk about games, keep up on any schedule changes and just chatting in general.
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Respect all around Don't push it with the mods No Racism/Sexism Don't be a RICHARD Please no back seat gaming (unless I'm asking) Let's leave the politics at the door

General fun channel commands

!slots !gamble !duel !8ball !heist !rps !rpsrand !cracked !funfact
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Gaming PC: -i9-9900k -Aorus gaming MoBo -Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080Ti Extreme -32GB Trident DDR4 ram. Streaming PC: -Ryzen 1700x -Gigabyte Aorus Mini ITX -GTX 980 FTW -32GB Trident DDR4 ram Cam: -Sony A6000 with Camlink Mic: -SM7B with a GoXLR