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Who Are We?

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Home of Hutton Orbital Radio and the Hutton Mug Welcome to Hutton Orbital. No journey too long, no cargo too small - the profit margins never really mattered at all We’ll take any thing, any time, any where. #forthemug Welcome to Hutton Orbital 0.22 LY away from civilisation This is the home of the Hutton Truckers and Hutton Orbital radio, under the guidance of our Faction Leader, Alvin Deefer. We are the 3198 Truckers who hauled 2.7 MILLION tonnes of scrap to Hutton Orbital. We are the nutters that took a 200 ship convoy 22 jumps through pirate infested systems to bring Hutton Mugs to a research station. We are the team that took on the Code in a face to face battle - and won (*terms and conditions apply). Who are the Hutton Truckers? Anyone foolish enough to visit Hutton Anyone who listens to our LIVE radio station whilst hauling all over the Milky Way Anyone who helped bring the Hutton Mug into existence You can be a Trucker whilst still supporting your favourite faction - it is like a badge of honour. The Fuel Rats are Hutton Truckers, as are the EDC. There are Imperial types, Explorers and even a few Pirates who are Hutton Truckers. We are the Milky Way's most distant Orbital but we're your hub for news, events, radio shows, impossible missions, music and parody. How do I join in? By being here, you've made a start. Join us on Facebook, watch out in the official forums or go to our news page to keep up to date. If you have a mission that needs hundreds of Truckers. If your Community Event wants a shout out. If you're just a little lonely whilst flying to Sag A*, drop Palantir an e-mail on The Team

Hutton Orbital Truckers

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Tune in to our 24 Radio stream, for a good mix of music, news and live events. You can also access some past live events are there.

On Discord

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Click the image to join our discord server: There is a web client as well as clients for PC/Mac/Android/Iphone. Discord is a great way to stay in touch with the truckers as well as utilize the Diamond Frog's !iff (Is Friend or Foe?) service. We'd really like to see more truckers in the Discord chat as it is the quickest way to reach anyone who is online if you need help. the_greasy_spoon is a general chat type place. Anything goes. No pictures can be posted here though. ops channel has Frogbear who will tell you any known info on a CMDR by typing in !iff CMDRname ie: !iff Meishel screenshots is for any pictures you may like to post.

On Twitter

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When we go live on radio, or other urgent and often daft messages can be picked up via our twitter account..

On Facebook

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We keep our upcoming events and information on the political situations and community goals on our facebook page, please come a join us if you're interested in coming along to any of them.


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Some of our events use multiple twitch feeds to see the action from many different view points. This link will take you to the twitch multi feed where you can watch them all, OR select one to zoom in on. Its not as confusing as it sounds.

Hearing Dogs

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Another issue close to our hearts is Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, here they train dogs to alert deaf people to sounds they would otherwise miss – simple sounds that many people take for granted like the doorbell, alarm clock and even danger signals like the fire alarm. Being aware of these – thanks to a hearing dog – makes a real difference to deaf people’s lives.