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Want to support the stream dream? Sub to the channel? Click [HERE]( We have a ton of emotes that you can use anywhere on Twitch once subscribed. Subscribing allows you to post links, be immune to slow mode, get some dank Mori sub badges next to your name and access the subscriber areas of the Discord. You can subscribe for free with Twitch Prime and even get a free month of [Twitch / Amazon Prime](


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My YouTube account where I attempt to put up daily content! [YouTube](

Stream Tips!

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Normal Monies [HERE]( Cryptocurrency [HERE]( Enjoying the stream and want to rain money upon me? Only tip if you are sure! All tips / donations over £2 should pop up on the stream Donations are non-refundable, thank you for considering supporting the stream!


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Click Image above to Donate Crypto! [It should pop up on stream] BTC 1DPHSDapz3KajgDVstNdyujTSbt5kaCwzN ERC20 0x094c9B8b9f4300d22C692BDC9eBeCfbb2402Df89 Binance Smart Chain 0x094c9B8b9f4300d22C692BDC9eBeCfbb2402Df89 Polygon 0x86e0636C080531e6eBfe921DfC82932FeF6B16De

Bamboo Crew

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JOIN THE DISCORD! Click [HERE]( Good times, fun people, nice community. Come play some games meet some people and chill. See you there - As a Discord Partner we have increased bitrate on voice channels and I also got a tasty hoodie. Thats mine though.

Rules and info

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I don't really want any bullshit in here, I am a fan of the occasional meme Rules: Mods = Gods, respect them Act like you are at least 16+, we won't tolerate spamming and acting like children here this is a stream for mature audiences. Be nice to each other. Be nice to me (Panda). Don't be a fucking idiot Don't be a fucking idiot Don't be a fucking idiot Don't mention the view count (Why? I prefer not to know how many viewers I have, by not focusing on it I can put on the best stream possible) Mentioning the viewcount is a 10 minute timeout


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Click [HERE]( Try to post interesting / funny things, including Tweets to alert you to stream start times. Also all new videos will be linked there

Beast ass motherfuckers

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Streamers who I suggest you follow *list constantly being added to* [Kaceytron]( [Cuddles]( [Senzu]( [Big Nate]( [Member]( [Apolloz]( [Van]( [Bikeman]( [Patrick]( [Hobbs]( [FatBoss]( [SyiBomb]( [Monkay]( [Nilesy]( [G](

Stream not working?

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Try refreshing or something its not rocket appliances