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I'm just an artist who's getting closer to death everyday _(:3 」∠ )_

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[Merch Store]( [Links]( **FAQ** Q: Do you talk? A: Yeah sometimes Q: How do I get a kirby? A: Subs who are active chatters will have a kirby appear on screen (max 50 users) Q: How long have you been drawing? A: Idk a long time, don't ask me. :D
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###CHANNEL CURRENCY: SPARKLES You earn 10 sparkles for every 10 minutes you're in the stream! + Subscribers get a 2x bonus + 100 sparkles for $1 tips/100 bits + 500 sparkles for subscribing **!commands** - full commands list ###SONG COMMANDS **!songs current** - shows title of current song **!sr <link/request>** *(Regulars only)* - add a Youtube link to the song list
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Thank you @shockingness for the offline screen animation and @shiaroo_ for the animated emotes <3