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Mediocre gamer.


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If you feel like donating then you're the best type of person. I couldn't thank you enough! HOWEVER, if you need the money, please keep it.

About Me!

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If you care to know about me then here you go! My name is Jack. If I'm honest I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm a Sombra enthusiast. The games I currently play are: - Overwatch - Warframe - For Honor - Monster Hunter World - FF XIV - League of Legends - Smite - Champions Online - Rainbow 6 Siege


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- no racism, homophobia, etc. - pls no flamerino - no politics, please - don't be a dick for no reason?


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I stream whenever I can! No schedule currently, but that may change. Join my discord to get announcements about when I stream!

My Friends!

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Check out some of my friends! They deserve it!


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This panel's image will always link to my most recent video.