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(formerly realTuffGhost)🔥 power hour dj stream weekdays 11am pst ….ableton streams, track feedback, live music & video games when i feel like it..

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if you want!! also - donations will get you bumped to the front of the feedback queue

about me..

Hello, I am Starya, formerly known as Tuff Ghost, or "realTuffGhost" on here. i'm a DJ and producer from LA and i like to stream DJ sets and also my production workflow on ableton. it helps me stay focused! i love to answer any questions you have and hear suggestions (although i might not always follow them!). also - all the wonderful photos i am using in these panels were taken by the supermaniak: thanks for watching!
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come check out my Discord server!
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Abby loves toys, if you want to be her favorite person, you can buy her one and watch her play with it on the doggy cam!