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ianxD streams The Witness, Just Chatting and Dark Souls II.

Welcome to the stream! My name is Ian, and I currently work in IT, server side Linux support, and Cyber Security! Streaming is just my way of chilling afterwards. We do a small variety of games here, however our main games are: - Dark Souls / Bloodborne (Challenge Runs / Casual Runs / Mods) - Portal (Speedruns) - Horror Games - Silly Meme Night Games If you have any suggestions for a game to check out be sure to let me know!
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Challenges Done On Stream

Challenges we have finished on stream: The Evil Within No Green Gel Upgrades 9hr 18 min Dark Souls Piano Only Run 11:10:36 Dark Souls 2 SOTFS All Base Game Boss (NoDarklurker&Vendrick) NG-NG+6 Fist only 91Hrs 47Min - 548 Deaths Dark Souls 2 SOTFS (almost all base game bosses) SL1 9Hrs 54Min Dark Souls 2 SOTFS Shield Only 9Hrs 28Min Dark Souls 2 SOTFS SNES Controller Run 5Hrs 21Min Dark Souls 2 SOTFS Upside Down Run 6Hrs 20Min Dark Souls 2 SOTFS N64 Controller No Camera Controls 6Hrs 10Min Dark Souls 2 SOTFS Handmaid's Ladle Any% Run 5Hrs 49Min Dark Souls 2 SOTFS No Death No Bonfires 3Hrs 21Min Dark Souls 2 SOTFS All Content Bow Only Dark Souls 2 SOTFS Any% Consumables Only - 6Hrs 12Min DS2 SOTFS No roll No blocks any% 6hrs Bloodborne Torch Only Any% - 3hrs 18min Bloodborne BL4 Any% - 6 Hours Bloodborne No Vials - 4 Hours 25 Minutes OG Doom CH1 No Hit Portal Glitchless Speedrun - 21:46 Outlast Any% Speedrun - 10:15
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Sundays - No Stream unless announced Mon - Thurs - 6:30PM - 10PM EST Friday - 6:30PM - ? Meme Night Games and challenges! Saturday - 6PM - ? Spooky Games and variety! Start time can vary but is always announced
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Donations are in no way required, but always greatly appreciated. Any donations will go towards improving the stream for all of you. Clicking the image above will take you to the donation page if you feel so inclined to do so :)