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Hey there! =D I'm a professional console/PC game programmer who loves to play games and sometimes analyze them. I love playing and chatting with folks. Follow me for chill and derpy vibes and learn more about how games are made.

About Me:

I'm a gameplay programmer who loves to play games and sometimes analyze them. If you wanna see someone being derpy but also kicking ass and taking names with a chill vibe, you came to the right place. B) If I can get a game developer guest for the game I'm playing, then I'll invite them for some developer commentary.


- Play video games - Explore new places - Try out new food - Chill/play with my 2 doggos, Flora and Albee - Fishing - Sports in general - Draw random cool and cute animals

Doggo Instagrams:

Flora: Albee:


- Meet some cool peeps through Twitch - Reach 50 followers for Twitch Affiliate status so I can add some cute, funny, and cool emojis - Ship Psychonauts 2 - Make my own indie game for fun - Create more art - Continue streaming for fun =)

Chat Rules:

Be nice to one another. =D


Weekly: -> Saturday: 7 pm - 12 am PST Sometimes I'll play games on weekday nights. If I do then I'll start 7 or 8 pm. Note: If I have a game developer guest, I will be broadcasting their game on Saturdays only.


My opinions are my own and do not represent Double Fine Productions or Microsoft.