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I'm unendingly fascinated with games and the stories they tell. I love the weird, obscure and challenging. When I'm not playing games, I work at Twitch writing code and building stuff for the mobile team. Also you didn't ask but I'm trans :3 she/her

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 !ack, !ahoy, !appagrappa, !barrelroll, !beeboo, !binchicken, !bioweapon, !bird, !blah, !bliss, !book, !builtit, !cantbe, !cantlet, !catholetime, !cock, !cocky, !cool, !dealbreaker, !deek, !didit, !dreamfall, !drugs, !excuseme, !fancy, !father?, !flush, !fuckinghell, !fuckyou, !fun, !gigantic, !gigantic2, !gotothere, !hallo, !ham, !hate, !high, !honk, !horrible, !hycybh, !macaroni, !mamamia, !neigh, !neigh2, !noway, !pond, !punk, !shyoom, !stupidfaces,  !takethat, !tired, !toomuch, !tryhovering, !waiting, !wannapiece, !yahoo, !yeahyeah, !yikes, yay. Mods only: !grandpa, !listen


My emotes feature characters from games I love - Frog Detective, Night in the Woods, Catherine and Baba is You. most of my emotes were created by [ten63](, who is extremely talented and awesome :) many wonderful friends have contributed emotes: [paleontologizing]( - iiosMad, iiosGlad, iiosSmart [superjank6]( - iiosShade, iiosLurk, iiosSus, iiosJam [reno420_the_artist]( - iiosYou, iiosSkoowee, iiosYouwee [graham]( - iiosBashful, iiosDoc, iiosPop [hentairunner]( - iiosBlush, iiosDerp [delta_rayne]( - iiosShook [SwiftshotTV]( - iiosValue [bagofsilly]( - iiosKEK
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Subs and Bits are a way of supporting me directly :) Your money goes towards the games I play on stream, the equipment I use to stream, and also me!


I stream 7-11 AM pacific Sat/Sun/Mon currently


[Spreadsheet of games completed on stream]( including reviews, time played and OST links!


Games are art, and I want to experience that art, one game at a time. I do try to do deep playthroughs of games, talking to everyone and reading (almost) everything. Probably, I will never achieve my real goal of playing every game worth playing :) but still, I aspire to.


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I ask a lot of rhetorical questions on-stream. Rhetorical in this case means, I don't actually want chat to give me the answer - instead I'm talking to communicate my thought process and feelings. When I want a hint, I will begin a sentence with "OK Chat, give me a hint ... ". One exception to this rule is content I'm about to miss due to points of no return. Just ask nicely in chat before saying anything!