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An occasional streamer, just a lurker of many streams and a mod to LokixRiddle and many others. Final Fantasy is love, Final Fantasy is life, and all that jazz.

It's-a Me!

Yo! It's Ikuni! I'm a variety streamer who enjoys J/RPGs, Open World Sandboxes, MMOs,Crochet, and Writing. I'll stream a combination of those and will usually just choose my content on how I'm feeling that day and who's online to play with me. Have any questions or concerns, just let me know. I am to grow as a content creator, so constructive criticism is always welcome! ^.^

Da Rulez!

Fairly simple and common: 1. Be respectful 2. Keep the chat drama free (including politics) 3. No spoilers in chat if I'm playing a video game 4. Listen to me and my mods 5. Have fun! :D

Streaming Schedule

My streaming schedule is all over right now. Wednesdays right now are devoted to #TeamBargain Bin with Norkix, RagingNuke627, and techni_arcade. Occasionally, we switch to Tuesdays, but keep an eye on the social media for those updates. Make sure to follow my twitter @ikuni_hattori for updates on whether or not I'm streaming and for when I go live! :D


Should you like to support the stream, I do accept any and all tips. You can click [here]( . There is no pressure to tip me. I love you regardless <3