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We don't know much about them, but we're sure ImpactRPG is great.

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1. We are open to all. 2. Be kind or at least be supportive 3. No racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, politics, discrimination, harassment, gatekeeping, etc. 4. Harassment, abuse, hate speech, racist remarks, sexual slurs and outright disrespect will not be tolerated.
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ImpactRPG is a group for everyone interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons! We currently have open games around the tri-state area for all levels of play. Whether you'd like to participate as a player or a DM, let us know on Twitter, Discord or Facebook We also are involved with charity events that include live games with our premium Dungeon Masters Matt & Miles

Direct Donations to ImpactRPG

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All donations through this link go directly to ImpactRPG for streaming equipment, travel, to pay for necessary expenses (ie artwork, layouts etc). This is non-refundable. Charge backs will result in a channel ban. Channel Points- 2000- Dice-Re-Roll to a player of your choice 5000- Wild Magic Surge to player of your choice 7500- A Wizard Gives your Character a BeanBoozled. How do they react. $3 - Automatic Success to the player of your choice $ 6- Automatic Fail to the player of your choice

Direct Donations to Jaspers Game Day

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Ladies Night is in support of Jaspers Game Day. Jasper's was started by Fenway Jones and Satine Phoenix to promote teen mental health awareness. Our goal for 2020 is $100.
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Sunday (1st/3rd) @ 6pm ET The Nameless Temple Monday Off Tuesday (1st/3rd) @ 9pm ET Ladies' Night: Journey of Dragons Wednesday @ 7pm ET The Forgotten Realms: World Tour Thursday Off Friday @ 2:30pm ET Dark Matter: Into the Jaws of Eternity Saturday @ 4pm ET The Inspectres Saturday (1st/3rd) @ 8pm ET Unnamed with Tabletop Gaymers

Recent Charity Work

Koala Conservation Australia Inc - Raised $300 to adopt 6 Koalas (1 ambassador, 2 fire victims, 2 blind/life care required and 1 found with fleas). We also planted 16 eucalyptus trees. Extra Life- Raised $390 for Cincinnati Children's Hospital.