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bios are cool but you know what's COOLER? you. :) I like rhythm and gacha games, and both make me crazy. Welcome!

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Lemme start off by saying you're an amazing person for taking the time to read these panels! You're the best. <3 Please type !rules in the chat for the rules. FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: Please email Background room made by: Starting Soon screen by: Icon made by: Comfy emote made by: New emotes by:
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Variety streamer with a love for streaming and a head full of air! I honestly can't express how much streaming is starting to mean to me, but I really do enjoy doing what I do on this channel! - I upload youtube videos [here!]( - My twitter is [here!](
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If you'd like to help me upgrade stream equipment (or buy food haHAA) through a DIRECT donation, then click on the "support" panel above to do just that! Another option to support me is by subscribing! You get FIVE adorable global emotes to use, ad-free streams with limited exceptions, you're able to chat during sub-only mode and you get custom sub-badges in chat! DISCLAIMER (to avoid chargebackers): By clicking on the panel above (a.k.a. the Tip link) and completing the transaction you hereby certify you are the rightful owner of the funds being donated in this transaction and that they cannot be withdrawn / charged back. I do not promise any product or service in return for donations.
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Anyone is welcome to say hello in chat at any time! Join in on the fun, and others are sure to help you fit right in! If you're interested in joining our discord, come say hi to us! Type !discord in the chat for our link!


I currently don't have a set time that I start. Streams DO take place Tuesday-Sunday though, no streams on Mondays.
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Please use the !specs command in chat to see them!