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Multigame + platform streamer. Every follow is greatly appreciated!


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My discord! Feel free to come join and hang out.

My Twitter

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My twitter account! I'll normally post when I'm about to go live. If It shows I am supposed to be live and I'm not, look at my twitter to see why. I also may be doing a short/random stream off schedule If I have time or if a class may get cancelled.


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Click on the image if you want to donate! All donations are very much appreciated and go towards upgrading my stream.

My YouTube Channel

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This is a link to my YouTube account, I'll occasionally go live on there or upload some of my past broadcasts/new recordings on there. If you ever want to check it out just click on the image!

My Specs

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Twitch Prime

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Twitch Prime is a way you can sub to me for FREE! It's a great way to support one of your favorite streamers/friends.