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Coin Pusher World - Stream Raiders - Marbles on Stream -Maybe Crochet

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Your donations help me to continue my doctor visits and prescriptions, while I plead my case in disability court. Join my discord if you want further clarification of how your support helps me!

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I hope my items will put a smile on your face and warm thoughts in your heart with each use :) Your help and support means more than I can ever express! Much love everyone!

HAP⭐Help All People

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Our mission statement is to “Help All People”. The HAP stream team was established on the foundation of having a positive mindset and a willingness to help others. Throughout our journey of pushing for various goals on Twitch, the members of the stream team have developed a strong bond and ever-lasting friendships. The spirit of HAP is to continue sharing the sense of camaraderie with all members, and help each other reach their full potential.
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Home of Coin Pusher World and many new games coming soon!
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Raising awareness and education about adult cerebral palsy. Donate today!