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Indianabroad94 streams Art.


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Click the above panel if you'd like to donate to the channel. Money generated by the stream goes to improving the production quality and the information disseminated, by purchasing workshops, online classes and perhaps down the line, even affording me better hardware and software to stream and paint with.


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About me

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Hey thanks for stopping by! I'm known round these parts as Indiana broad, indian or just plain old James. I'm an engineering graduate that's been drawing since I can remember. After a long hiatus from taking this hobby seriously, my passion for all things creative was rekindled by some of the lovely folk on twitch creative, many of whom are so kind as to pay me a visit in chat! Above all, I just want this to be a platform for me to hang out with my newfound friends while I do my best to give back to the people that have given me so much.

Stream rules

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Behave within reason , don't be needlessly cruel or discriminatory. Feel free to post links of things that you are working on, or have worked on in the past! I'm always excited and amazed to see all that you guys make. For other links, please ask me or my mods through chat first so you don't get insta-purged. Back-seat painting is fine, as long as you keep it constructive. I make no claim to be anything but amateur so if you've got some spicy tips for me, let me know!