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Welcome to my channel! Here you will find me playing a range of games, with the occasional profane rant here and there...

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Tips are never expected, something from my Steam wish-list would be my personal first choice, being potential content for the stream :) But... if only a tip will do... then who am I to deny you? Simply click the purple word thingy up there ^^ It goes without saying that all your support is very much appreciated and may fortune smile upon you for your kindness :)


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Train Simulator 2021

#Irascible_SAP's Scenarios: (Click scenario name for it's Workshop/download page) [[9F] Tyne Dock to Consett Ore Run:]( [Urgent Ballast (class 33):]( [Excavator Duties:]( [Toiling Up The Hill:]( [Newcastle Relief Shift: Pt.1]( -- [(MPTV clip)]( [Bricks for Gilesgate]( [45212 Visits the WSR]( [62005 Visists the WSR]( [From Pillar to Post]( [2G00 14:18 Piccadilly to Hadfield]( [204 on Tour: Cumbrian Blues (scenario pack)]( [Preserved Deltic Challenge]( [204 On Tour: The Isle of Wight]( -- [(Youtube)]( ['Plandampf' on the Settle & Carlisle]( -- [(Youtube)]( [Barnard Castle RollerCoaster Challenge]( -- [(Youtube)]( [Abbfest Special]( -- [(YouTube)]( [Pacers & Lemon-Tops]( -- [(Youtube)]( [Geordie Express - Part 1]( -- [(Youtube)]( [Geordie Express - Part 2]( #Enjoy!

Want to see more TSxx on the Channel? Here's how:

One of the main reasons I dont play TSxx as often as I used to is because I no longer have a Sprinter15x super-mod to help me out with choosing scenarios... One of the symptoms of my mental illnesses is with certain things, I get a mental overload that has the effect of making my mind shut-down and put me off whatever I'm doing. Because of that, I find it hard to search for scenarios that I have the DLC to run, because theres so many out there, and they all have lists of DLC requirements - all those lists contribute to the overload and I shut down before I find a scenario. So, if it pleases you - please help a brother out by finding me scenarios! <3 In my Discord are 2 channels dedicated to helping you find me scenarios - one is named Saps TS DLC and the other is named scenario suggestions... It's pretty self explanatory, one channel to post your suggestions in, after you have consulted the document in the DLC channel to ensure I own all the DLC required to play the scenario you would like to suggest. In advance - I thank you for all the help! The more suggestions in the channel, the more often the TSxx Streams will happen <3 :)


There are several minigames available to play in my chat, activated by commands you type: ###Fishing. A fun little minigame based around fishing. Type !fish ante=30pts ###Dice Simple gambling game for points. Type !dice to try your luck! (10min cooldown) ###Coin-flip of Fate... Flip a coin by typing !flip (15min cooldown) Heads = Win between 25 and 100 points Tails = Lose between 25 and 100 points ###Slot Machine Twitch's own version of the one-armed bandit! JACKPOT = 1000 points 10 points per play (5 minute cooldown) Type !slots ###Magic 8-ball Consult the Magic 8-Ball. Type: !8ball (question) ###Roulette: See if you can survive playing Russian roulette. For instructions on how to play type !roulette ###Battle Arena: **Challenge:** (1v1 duel for points) Type !challenge (username) (ante 25pts) **Free For All** (multiplayer battle for points) type !ffa (ante 25pts) ###Arena Boss Battles Co-op battles for points (ante 200pts) - type !boss **Bosses:** 1-2 Players - **Megatron** (Transformers) 3-4 Players - **Harbinger** (Mass Effect) 5-6 Players - **Sovereign** (Mass Effect) 7-8 players - **Skynet** (Terminator) 9-10 players - **V-GER** (Star Trek) 11-50 players - **The Borg** (Star Trek) **(All Arena minigames each have 30 minute cooldowns)** ###Sprinter's Terrible Jokebook See a joke from SprinterX's book of terrible jokes. type !joke ###VAULT Guess the combination of the vault to win at least 1000 points. To make a guess (ante=50pts) type !vault (number) You can also check the Low-High values with !vaultcheck (ante=25pts) For each guess or vaultcheck, the ante's are added to the pot, until someone finally wins the lot! ###Defuse The Bomb Cut one of 5 wires to defuse the bomb, choose wisely to win 500 points. Type: !defuse (colour) eg; !defuse blue ante=100pts Colour options = red, blue, yellow, black, green


##Usually late nights (UK) but I have been known to do an afternoon stream every once in a while. At present, due to health reasons, streams will happen on an ad-hoc basis as and when I feel up to it, so be sure to activate notifications to know when I go live!

Channel Points Replacement Commands

#You may have noticed I no longer have channel points rewards available. #Dont panic though! You can now spend ED_209 points to redeem those rewards using chat commands. ##Here are the commands: #Take a Sip From the Sports Direct Mug: !sip *(price=500)* #Pick the loco or route in next scenario (Trainsim): !pickloco *(price=1000)* #Pick the destination of the next job (Trucks): !picktruck *(price=1000)* **Please note:** *The Trains/trucks commands will only be available when enabled in my bot client* *The Sip one will be permanently available* *In the initial stages the prices may be subject to change as i try to find the right balance*