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salaryman who draws secret art streams.


Dono Links: [Ko-Fi](, [StreamElements]( TTS enabled for 100 bits or $1 StreamElements donation. They are not necessary but I appreciate them. I only take donations via ko-fi or streamelements (preferably ko-fi). Please note that ALL donations are non-refundable and that you donate under the agreement of not issuing chargeback(s)!! # PWYW Stream Commissions By donating, you may be able to purchase an in-stream SFW skeb sketch! These will be pay what you want, with a $15 minimum. Likely, it will be a bust-up rough sketch. The amount of effort will be based on the amount given.

About Me

Hi! I'm **kid**, **kidd**, or **ise** (ee-say). You can use he/they pronouns with me. No set schedule, but the general theme is surprise streams on Friday after work and maybe a stream on one of the weekend days. **Milestones**: First Stream: 12/07/2021 Affiliate: 01/06/2022 100 Follows: 02/07/2022 Break: 01/31/2022 - 02/19/2022 300 Follows: 08/06/2022 **Credits** Overlay, PNG: Me Scuffed PNG: [patofry_]( BGM: Unwind Station, Dark Horse Studio, or if unnamed - ask


★ Do not mention my real name or my private information. ★ No backseat gaming or commentary (especially on art), unless you ask first or permitted in for the video. I'm neither great at games nor art. ★ 18+ Stream. Don't mention your age and do not share personal or identifiable information. I might curse so use your headphones. ★ No harassment, hate or spam. Any kind of racism, homophobia, hate speech etc. will result in a ban. ★ Respect everyone in the chat and do not make them uncomfortable. ★ No excessive spamming comments. ★ Please do not send any links without permission. ★ Have fun! #Commands * !lurk * !kofi - Ko-Fi Link * !socials - Social Media Links * !comms - Commission Status


# Questions **What is a salaryman?** A salaryman is a salaried worker, often in an office environment. **How old are you?** Old enough to be your older brother, but not enough to be an uncle (if you're on this platform). **How long have you been drawing?** I scribbled in middle school and high school, but stopped around December 2010. I picked up drawing again December 2021. **Do you take commissions?** Commissions are accepted based on the request and if I feel like I'm capable of delivering what you want to you. **Why don't you have a discord server?** I'm here to have fun, but too much social interaction drains me so I limit it to Twitch only. # Hardware * Tablet: iPad Pro, XP-Pen Deco Pro M * Software: Procreate, Clip Studio Paint Pro * Keyboard: Keychron K14, Gateron Brown * Monitors: ASUS VL279HE 27”