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What am I doing here? I'm playing games.

Leftovers from the old days... I swear I used to be good. Pls Believe. ### The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (GBA) + Any% - 1:53:00 + Glitchless Any% - 2:31:10 ### Super Mario 64 (VC) + 16 Star (no LBLJ) - 19:55 + 70 Star - 1:05:20
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Hey everyone, I'm Isuall. I'm your resident ice demon, or maybe part angel? Either way welcome to the stream. Does anyone even read these? If you're still reading you can go back to the stream okay. I promise there isn't anything more you need to know. Its just wasted text space. Okay I lied I actually like to eat cheese. There I said it.
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**Q:** Where did you go? **A:** I died, but returned **Q:** How old are you? **A:** I'm like 5 **Q:** How do you pronounce Isuall? **A:** It's "visual" without the "V" or "is wall". Either is correct and okay, or just call me Isu or Izzy **Q:** When will you stream? **A:** Soon™ (copyright Toadswoot 2014) **Q:** Where are you from? **A:** I am from Canada. **Q:** What do you play? **A:** Yes. **Q:** Do You speedrun any games? **A:** Don't remind me
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You can follow me @Isuall Or just simply click the pic above ^.^